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Left in the Dark: Portraits of San Francisco Movie Theatres celebrates twentieth century movie theatres and moviegoing through lush full-color fine art photographs, and personal essays that offer both scholarly and literary appeal.   "A superior collection… Megan Abbott has assembled a talented list of contributor who deliver inspired performances."
—George Pelecanos
  "A fascinating chronicle... Don't look for the scandal here—find the beating heart."
—Liz Smith
"Dark, smooth fiction digging deep into different neighborhoods and ethnicities. The sound is pitch-perfect, too, from the understated staccato of old lost souls to the jiving rap of younger ones."
—Cara Black
  "The Distance is a hook to the liver. The dame’s a pip. Dashiell Hammett is no longer sole proprietor of San Francisco."
—F.X. Toole
  "Steamy, noirish, and lovingly pitch-perfect in its treatment of the world of boxing, circa 1948-49."
Kirkus Reviews
"… appeals to movie buffs, mystery fans, and psychology students in equal measure."
  "Dig it: Eddie Muller's Dark City is a righteous, rip-snorting riff on the ultimate cinematic genre—film noir. This book displays a salutary knowledge of the underpinnings of the genre; serves as a fabulous reference book; and most importantly, dishes the real life dirt on the freaks, geeks, commies, nymphos, hopheads, has-beens, red-baiters, and all-purpose fiends who made this genre great."
—James Ellroy
"An entertaining and often insightful look at noir stars . . . and an important addition to popular feminist and film literature."
Publisher's Weekly
  "Dark, creative visions worthy of the music that inspired them."
Kirkus Reviews
  "An excellent, compelling treatment of the secret subculture of American sin."